Internal Line Up Clamp

  1. Offshore Electric Pneumatic Internal Line Up Clamp

    Technical specification:
    • Air flow of inflation system can reach 30L/min.
    • Equipped with oxygen meter, the accuracy can be up to 10PPM
    • The protective gas inflation is direct, allowing back gas protection.
    • Inflation can reduce oxygen content under 100PPM within 2-5 minutes.
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  2. Onshore Internal Line Up Clamp with Copper Shoes

    Technical specification:
    • Input pressure a less than 1.5MPa
    • Working pressure: 0.5MPa-0.8MPa
    • Compressed air as operate source: Max. pressure: 1.5MPa, Min. air flow rate: 650L/min.
    • Grade capability to 20 degree
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  3. Internal Line Up Clamp For Short Pipe Welding

    Technical specification:
    • Hydraulic mode is much better for rectify ovality for short pipe ends.
    • Double expanding mechanism on one side with self-centered function, guarantee the concentricity of equipment and the pipe.
    • Built-in hydraulic circuits are space saving, more reliable and safe.
    • Can add purge system for argon welding
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